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Do you want to calculate your futures profits? use our free Crypto Futures Calculator!

How do I use this Crypto Futures Calculator?

This is a very easy-to-use crypto futures calculator. You can calculate your crypto futures profit in just a few steps:

  1. Enter if you are in a long or short position.
  2. Enter your Leverage.
  3. Enter your entry price.
  4. Enter your exit price.
  5. Enter the quantity of coins you own.
  6. Press Calculate.

You would be able to see after this your ROE, PNL & Initial Margin:

  • ROE – (Return on Equity) in Crypto Futures measures the profit or loss a trader makes on their initial margin investment.
  • PNL – (Profit and Loss) in Crypto Futures is the net gain or loss a trader makes on a position.
  • Initial Margin – in Crypto Futures is the minimum amount of funds required to open a position and maintain it.

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Risk Disclaimer

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