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What is Tia Mowry Net Worth in 2024?

Tia Mowry is a talented American actress, model, and author who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Known for her roles in popular television shows such as “Sister, Sister” and “The Game,” Tia Mowry has amassed a significant net worth over the years. As of 2024, her net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Early life of Tia Mowry

Tia Dashon Mowry was born on July 6, 1978, in Gelnhausen, West Germany. She was raised in a military family, with her mother, Darlene, serving as a security guard, and her father, Timothy, being in the U.S. Army. Tia has a twin sister, Tamera, who is also an actress.

The Mowry family moved around frequently due to her father’s military career, living in various locations across the United States and Europe. Tia and Tamera developed an interest in acting from a young age and began their acting careers together.

Career of Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry’s breakthrough came in the mid-1990s when she and her sister Tamera starred in the hit sitcom “Sister, Sister.” The show ran for six seasons and gained a large following, making the Mowry sisters household names. Tia played the role of Tia Landry, one of the twin sisters who were separated at birth and reunited in their teens.

After “Sister, Sister” ended, Tia Mowry continued to work in television and film. She appeared in several television movies and guest-starred in shows such as “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and “Smart Guy.” In 2006, she landed a leading role in the sitcom “The Game,” which further showcased her acting skills.

In addition to her acting career, Tia Mowry has also ventured into hosting and writing. She co-hosted the daytime talk show “The Real” from 2013 to 2016 and has authored several books, including a cookbook and a parenting guide.

Awards and nominations

Tia Mowry’s talent and hard work have been recognized with several awards and nominations throughout her career. She has been nominated for multiple Image Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and NAACP Image Awards. In 1999, she won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in “Sister, Sister.”

Personal life Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry married actor Cory Hardrict in 2008, and the couple has two children together. She is known for her strong family values and has been open about her experiences as a mother. Tia is also active on social media, where she shares glimpses of her personal life and promotes healthy living and self-care.


In addition to her successful television career, Tia Mowry has appeared in several films. Some of her notable movie roles include “Seventeen Again” (2000), “The Hot Chick” (2002), and “Baggage Claim” (2013). While her filmography may not be as extensive as her television work, Tia has proven her versatility as an actress across different mediums.

How has Tia Mowry spent her wealth?

Tia Mowry’s net worth of $8 million has allowed her to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. She has invested in various ventures, including real estate properties. Tia and her husband, Cory, own a luxurious home in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to investments, Tia Mowry is known for her philanthropic efforts. She has supported organizations such as March of Dimes, a nonprofit that focuses on improving the health of mothers and babies, and the No Kid Hungry campaign, which aims to end childhood hunger.

Did Tia Mowry have any crypto investments, and if so, what are they?

As of now, there is no public information available regarding Tia Mowry’s involvement in crypto investments. It is important to note that celebrities’ investment decisions may change over time, and it’s advisable to rely on official announcements or reports for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Is Tia Mowry still acting?

Yes, Tia Mowry is still active in the entertainment industry. While she may not have as many high-profile roles as in the past, she continues to work on various projects, including television shows, films, and hosting gigs.

Did Tia Mowry have any other business ventures apart from acting?

Yes, Tia Mowry has explored other business ventures. She has authored books, including a cookbook and a parenting guide, and has also ventured into hosting, co-hosting the daytime talk show “The Real.”

Does Tia Mowry have any plans for future projects?

Tia Mowry’s future projects may vary as she continues to explore different opportunities in the entertainment industry. It is advisable to stay updated with official announcements or follow her on social media for the latest updates on her upcoming projects.

Are Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry still working together?

While Tia and Tamera Mowry gained fame together through their hit sitcom “Sister, Sister,” they have pursued individual careers in recent years. However, they have occasionally collaborated on projects, including hosting their own reality show called “Tia & Tamera.”

Has Tia Mowry won any awards for her cooking or writing?

Tia Mowry’s books, including her cookbook “Whole New You,” have received positive reviews. However, she has not won any specific awards for her cooking or writing endeavors.


Tia Mowry’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $8 million. She rose to prominence through her role in the sitcom “Sister, Sister” and has since continued to work in television, film, hosting, and writing. Tia has been recognized with awards and nominations for her acting talent and has also ventured into philanthropy. While her investments and involvement in cryptocurrencies are not publicly known, Tia Mowry’s career and financial success have secured her a place as a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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