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What is Steven Furtick’s net worth in 2024?

Steven Furtick, a renowned pastor and author, has made a significant impact in the world of ministry. Alongside his spiritual endeavors, Furtick has also amassed considerable wealth. As of 2024, his estimated net worth is $60 million.

Early life and Education of Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick was born on February 19, 1980, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Growing up, he discovered his passion for preaching and leading others to faith at an early age. Furtick attended Berkeley High School and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from North Greenville University.


Furtick founded Elevation Church in 2006, which quickly gained popularity and grew into a multi-site church with locations across North Carolina. Known for its contemporary style and relevant teachings, Elevation Church attracts a large and diverse congregation. Furtick’s dynamic preaching style and ability to connect with people have played a significant role in the church’s growth and impact.

Personal Life

In 2002, Steven Furtick married his wife, Holly, and they have three children together. Furtick has often spoken about the importance of family and balancing personal and professional life.

Public Life and Media

As a prominent figure in the Christian community, Steven Furtick has become a sought-after speaker and author. He has written several best-selling books, including “Sun Stand Still” and “Greater,” which have resonated with readers seeking to deepen their faith and pursue their God-given potential.

Furtick’s sermons are widely available through online platforms and are watched by millions around the world. He has embraced technology to reach a broader audience, utilizing social media and live streaming to connect with people beyond the physical walls of the church.

Awards and Nominations

Steven Furtick’s impact on the ministry world has not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized for his contributions, receiving various awards and nominations. Among them, Furtick has been nominated for the New York Times Bestseller List and has been recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine.

How has Steven Furtick spent his wealth?

With a net worth of $60 million, Steven Furtick has made strategic investments to further his ministry and support causes close to his heart. A significant portion of his wealth has been dedicated to expanding Elevation Church, establishing new campuses, and investing in resources to enhance the church’s impact.

Furtick is known for his generosity and philanthropy. He has contributed to numerous charitable organizations, supporting causes related to education, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief. Furtick believes in giving back to his community and using his resources to make a positive difference in the world.

Did Steven Furtick have any crypto investments, and if so, what are they?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Steven Furtick has invested in cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years, it is important to note that investment decisions can vary greatly among individuals, and it is always best to refer to the most up-to-date information for accurate details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Steven Furtick start Elevation Church?

Steven Furtick started Elevation Church in 2006 with a small group of people meeting in a rented movie theater. The church grew rapidly, attracting a diverse congregation and expanding to multiple locations.

What are some of Steven Furtick’s most popular books?

Some of Steven Furtick’s most popular books include “Sun Stand Still,” “Greater,” “Crash the Chatterbox,” and “Unqualified.”

Does Steven Furtick preach at all Elevation Church locations?

While Steven Furtick primarily preaches at the main campus of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, his sermons are broadcasted to all the church’s locations, ensuring consistency in teaching across the campuses.

Is Steven Furtick involved in any other ventures outside of ministry?

While Steven Furtick’s primary focus is ministry and leading Elevation Church, he has also been involved in various charitable initiatives and has authored several books.

How can I watch Steven Furtick’s sermons?

Steven Furtick’s sermons are available on the Elevation Church website, YouTube channel, and other online platforms. Additionally, Elevation Church offers live streaming of its services for those who cannot attend in person.


Steven Furtick, with a net worth of $60 million, has made a significant impact as a pastor, author, and speaker. From his humble beginnings, Furtick has grown Elevation Church into a thriving multi-site ministry. Through his preaching, writing, and effective use of media, he has inspired millions around the world. Furtick’s investments have been directed towards expanding his ministry, supporting charitable causes, and making a positive difference in society. While he has not been associated with crypto investments to date, his focus remains on preaching the Gospel and empowering individuals to live out their God-given potential.

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