John Daly’s Net Worth

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What is John Daly’s Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2024, American professional golfer John Daly’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. Daly, known for his “grip it and rip it” style, had a career in professional golf spanning over three decades that led to significant earnings. However, his fortune has seen its highs and lows due to a lifestyle marked by high spending, gambling issues, and personal struggles.

Daly’s earnings have been bolstered by his professional golfing career, comprising of tour wins, lucrative sponsorship deals, and appearance fees. Apart from golf, he has accumulated wealth from his other business ventures and endorsements. Despite his rollercoaster financial journey, Daly remains a prominent figure in the world of golf, remembered not only for his powerful drives but also his charismatic personality and unorthodox approach to the game.

Early Life of John Daly

John Patrick Daly was born on April 28, 1966, in Carmichael, California. His family moved to Arkansas when he was just four, where he was introduced to golf by his father, Jim Daly. At the age of 13, Daly began playing at a local golf course where he honed his skills and established his love for the game. He attended Helias High School in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he played on the school’s golf team. Despite struggles in his personal life and challenges in his academic performance, Daly’s raw talent and power on the golf course were undeniable. His love for golf persisted, leading him to enroll at the University of Arkansas on a golf scholarship.


John Daly attended the University of Arkansas, where he played for the Razorbacks on their golf team from 1984 to 1987. Daly showcased a remarkable talent that earned him a reputation as a long driver. Despite not winning any major collegiate titles, he was a formidable player whose powerful drives often stole the show. During these years, he began to develop his distinct, aggressive playing style, which later became his trademark in professional golf. His performances at college level made it evident that he was destined for a successful career in professional golf.

Professional golf career

John Daly turned professional in 1987 and his journey to stardom was a unique one. Daly didn’t follow the traditional path of steady progression through the golf ranks. Instead, his breakthrough came almost out of nowhere when he won the 1991 PGA Championship as the ninth alternate, earning him the nickname “The Wild Thing”.

Daly’s strength and style of play – hitting the ball longer and harder than his peers – was unorthodox yet incredibly effective. He was the first man to average more than 300 yards per drive over a full PGA Tour season, a feat he achieved in 1997.

Despite his on-course successes, Daly’s career was often overshadowed by personal challenges and controversies. He faced multiple suspensions, struggled with alcoholism, and admitted to significant gambling losses.

Daly won his second major at the 1995 Open Championship at St. Andrews, further solidifying his place among golf’s elite. Despite ups and downs, Daly remained an engaging and popular figure in the golf world. He continued to play competitively into the 2020s, transitioning to the PGA Tour Champions for players over 50.

Charity works

Despite personal struggles, John Daly is known for his significant charitable contributions. He has participated in numerous charity golf tournaments, raising money for various causes such as childhood cancer and disaster relief efforts. He’s particularly known for his involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, helping to fulfill the dreams of terminally ill children.


Outside of golf, Daly has diversified his income through various business ventures. He launched a line of golfing equipment and apparel, including the ‘Loudmouth Golf’ clothing line, known for its flashy and vibrant designs. Daly also ventured into music, releasing two country music albums.

He capitalized on his reputation as a ‘wild’ golfer by releasing a line of drinks called ‘John Daly’s Grip It & Sip It’, which includes a Hard Iced Tea and a Half & Half Lemonade-Iced Tea blend. Additionally, he co-authored an autobiography titled ‘My Life In and Out of the Rough’, detailing his life, career, and struggles, adding to his revenue streams.

Professional wins

John Daly has recorded numerous professional wins during his career. He won the PGA Championship in 1991, followed by the B.C. Open in 1992. His most significant victory came in 1995 when he won the Open Championship, one of golf’s four major tournaments.

His other victories include the BellSouth Classic and the Buick Invitational in 1994, and the BMW International Open in 2001. Despite personal issues that often eclipsed his golfing prowess, Daly’s achievements and undeniable talent earned him a place in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

How has John Daly spent his wealth?

John Daly is known for his extravagant lifestyle and unapologetic flamboyance, which extends to his spending habits. He admitted to losing between $50 to $60 million in gambling over the years, particularly in casinos. His spending habits included high-end luxury items, properties, and automobiles.

Daly has also invested a considerable portion of his wealth back into the game he loves, financing golf-related business ventures like his golfing equipment and apparel line. In addition, Daly has spent on his musical passion, producing two country music albums.

Despite his flamboyant expenditure, Daly has not shied away from using his wealth for charitable causes, participating in various fundraisers and donating to numerous charities over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did John Daly become famous?

John Daly rose to fame when he won the 1991 PGA Championship as the ninth alternate. His powerful drives and aggressive style of play earned him a reputation and a significant following among golf fans.

Has John Daly won a major tournament?

Yes, John Daly has won two major tournaments. He won the PGA Championship in 1991 and the Open Championship in 1995.

What businesses does John Daly own?

John Daly owns a line of golfing equipment and apparel, including the ‘Loudmouth Golf’ clothing line. He also released a line of drinks called ‘John Daly’s Grip It & Sip It’, and published an autobiography.

What challenges has John Daly faced in his career?

John Daly’s career was often overshadowed by personal issues. He struggled with alcoholism and faced multiple suspensions from the PGA tour. Daly also confessed to having significant gambling problems, which affected his wealth.

Is John Daly still playing golf?

As of 2024, John Daly is still involved in golf, playing on the PGA Tour Champions for players over 50. He also participates in various charity golf tournaments.


John Daly, known for his power-driven playing style and charismatic personality, has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024. His wealth was earned primarily from his professional golf career, various business ventures, and endorsements. Despite his personal struggles, Daly’s contributions to golf and his charitable efforts are commendable. His extravagant spending habits and investment in golf-related businesses reflect his passion for the sport. His story remains a testament to the power of raw talent, resilience, and the ability to keep bouncing back despite numerous obstacles. John Daly remains an unforgettable figure in the world of golf.

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