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What is Iann Dior’s Net Worth in 2024?

As of June 2024, Michael Ian Olmo, known by his stage name Iann Dior, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. The young rapper, songwriter, and artist has primarily accumulated his wealth from music sales, streaming revenue, concert performances, and brand endorsements. His fast rise to prominence in the music industry has facilitated his impressive earnings, and he continues to be a notable figure within the rap genre. His hit tracks, including “Mood,” “Gone Girl,” and “18,” have contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

Early life of Iann Dior

Iann Dior was born Michael Ian Olmo on March 25, 1999, in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, before his family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. Growing up, Dior was inspired by the diverse range of music that filled his household, which ranged from country to Latin genres. He was exposed to different musical styles from an early age, developing a wide-ranging appreciation for the art form.

Dior began to express his musical talent at a young age, initially honing his skills through freestyle rap battles with friends. His raw talent was evident, sparking his interest in pursuing a career in music. As a teenager, he adopted the stage name Iann Dior, a name that combines his middle name, Ian, with the last name of Christian Dior, the famous French fashion designer.


Iann Dior’s professional music career began in 2019 with his breakout single, “Emotions,” which attracted significant attention on SoundCloud. The success of “Emotions” led to his signing with the record labels TenThousand Projects and Caroline Distribution. His debut mixtape, “Industry Plant,” was released in November 2019.

Dior’s sound, often characterized as a blend of rap, trap, and pop, has resonated with a wide audience. His biggest hit, “Mood,” featuring 24kGoldn, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, further establishing him as a force in the music industry.


Iann Dior’s discography to date consists of two studio albums: “Industry Plant” (2019) and “I’m Gone” (2020). He has also released several successful singles, including “Emotions,” “Gone Girl,” “Prospect,” and the chart-topping “Mood.” Dior’s music encapsulates various styles, and he often collaborates with other artists, expanding his musical repertoire and audience reach.


Iann Dior

While primarily known for his music, Iann Dior has also made appearances in music videos, documentaries, and interviews. As of 2024, he hasn’t ventured into acting, but his charismatic on-screen presence in his music videos, particularly in “Mood” and “Gone Girl,” show potential for more screen-oriented ventures in the future.


Dior’s energetic performances and eclectic sound have made him a hit on the touring circuit. His first major tour, accompanying Trippie Redd on the “Love Me More” Tour in early 2020, marked his entry into the live music scene. Since then, he’s embarked on numerous tours and performed at major music festivals, captivating audiences with his vibrant stage presence.

How has Iann Dior spent his wealth?

Iann Dior has utilized his wealth in several ways. He’s invested in his music, ensuring high-quality production and promotion for his projects. Additionally, he’s known for his philanthropic endeavors, contributing to various charities and initiatives that he aligns with. Dior also has a love for fashion, often spotted in high-end brands and exclusive pieces, indicating a substantial expenditure in this area.

Being relatively new to wealth, Dior also focuses on financial stability and planning for the future. He has reportedly invested in real estate, acquiring property in both Los Angeles and Texas, thereby securing assets that are likely to appreciate in value over time.

Did Iann Dior have any crypto investments?

As of 2024, Iann Dior has not publicly disclosed any involvement in cryptocurrency investments. He might be a private investor in the crypto space, but he hasn’t made any public statements or endorsements related to cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Iann Dior from?

Born in Puerto Rico, Dior moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, at a young age, where he spent most of his formative years.

What is Iann Dior’s musical style?

His music is a fusion of hip-hop, rap, and pop, often featuring melodic elements and emotionally resonant lyrics.

What is Iann Dior’s biggest hit?

His biggest hit to date is “Mood,” featuring 24kGoldn, which reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Has Iann Dior done any acting?

As of 2024, Dior has not ventured into acting, focusing primarily on his music career.

Does Iann Dior invest in cryptocurrency?

As of 2024, Dior has not publicly disclosed any investments in cryptocurrency.


Iann Dior, a dynamic force in the music industry, has seen rapid success in a short period, leading to a considerable net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2024. His musical journey, from his early life to his discography and tours, reflects a meteoric rise in the industry. Although primarily known for music, he has also left a mark with his music videos and interviews. He has managed his wealth wisely, investing in both his music and other ventures, while also giving back to society. Despite the rumors, Dior has not publicly disclosed any crypto investments. His unique sound, energetic performances, and promising career trajectory make him an artist to watch in the coming years.

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