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What is Dave Ramsey’s Net Worth in 2024?

Dave Ramsey is a well-known American financial expert, author, and radio show host who has had a significant impact on the lives of many individuals seeking financial freedom. With his expertise in personal finance, Ramsey has built an empire that includes books, radio shows, live events, and various educational resources. As of 2024, Dave Ramsey’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

Early life of Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey was born on September 3, 1960, in Antioch, Tennessee. He grew up in a low-income household and experienced financial difficulties during his early years. These challenging circumstances motivated Ramsey to educate himself about personal finance and eventually led him to pursue a career in the field.

Personal life


Dave Ramsey is married to Sharon Ramsey, and they have three children together. Ramsey often speaks about the importance of a strong family foundation and the role it plays in achieving financial success. His personal experiences, including bankruptcy in his twenties, have shaped his approach to money management and influenced his teachings.


While Dave Ramsey has a large following and is widely respected for his financial advice, he has also faced criticism from some quarters. Critics argue that his strict adherence to certain principles, such as his opposition to the use of credit cards, may not be applicable to everyone’s financial situation. Additionally, some have raised concerns about his approach to investing and his emphasis on debt reduction over other financial strategies.


Dave Ramsey’s teachings revolve around the principles of budgeting, getting out of debt, saving, and investing for the future. He emphasizes the importance of living within one’s means and advocates for a cash-based system rather than relying on credit. Ramsey’s popular financial management program, known as Financial Peace University, has helped millions of people gain control over their finances and achieve financial independence.

COVID-19 response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave Ramsey provided guidance and support to individuals and businesses facing financial challenges. He encouraged his followers to focus on emergency funds, reducing expenses, and finding creative ways to generate income during uncertain times. Ramsey’s advice helped many navigate the economic difficulties brought on by the pandemic and maintain financial stability.

How has Dave Ramsey spent his wealth?

Dave Ramsey has made strategic investments in various ventures, including real estate and media. He owns Ramsey Solutions, a company that offers financial education and resources, and has invested in residential and commercial properties. Ramsey has also expanded his reach through media platforms, including his radio show, podcasts, and YouTube channel, which generate significant revenue.

Did Dave Ramsey have any crypto investments, and if so, what are they?

As a staunch advocate for traditional financial practices, Dave Ramsey has been critical of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. He has expressed skepticism about their long-term viability and considers them speculative investments rather than sound financial strategies. As a result, it is unlikely that Dave Ramsey has invested a significant portion of his wealth in cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I follow Dave Ramsey’s advice if I have a low income?

Yes, Dave Ramsey’s principles can be applied regardless of income level. Budgeting, eliminating debt, and saving are fundamental steps toward financial success, regardless of how much money you earn.

Does Dave Ramsey recommend investing in the stock market?

Yes, Dave Ramsey encourages investing in mutual funds with a long-term perspective. He advises diversifying investments and avoiding individual stock picking, as it carries higher risks.

Should I pay off all my debts before saving for an emergency fund?

Dave Ramsey suggests building a small emergency fund of $1,000 while paying off debts. Once debts are eliminated, he advises increasing the emergency fund to cover three to six months of expenses.

Does Dave Ramsey recommend using credit cards?

No, Dave Ramsey is opposed to the use of credit cards. He advocates for a cash-based system to avoid the pitfalls of debt and overspending.

Is Dave Ramsey’s advice suitable for small business owners?

Yes, Dave Ramsey’s principles are applicable to small business owners. He emphasizes the importance of budgeting, managing cash flow, and reducing debt in business operations.


Dave Ramsey has become a household name in the realm of personal finance, offering guidance and strategies for achieving financial freedom. With a net worth of approximately $200 million, Ramsey’s teachings have resonated with millions of individuals seeking to improve their financial well-being. While not without criticism, his emphasis on budgeting, debt reduction, and sound financial practices has empowered countless individuals to take control of their financial lives and build a secure future. As Dave Ramsey continues to inspire and educate, his legacy as a financial guru remains influential in shaping the financial habits and mindsets of people around the world.

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