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What is Cole Bennett’s Net Worth in 2024?

Cole Bennett is a prominent figure in the music industry, known for his contributions as a music video director and entrepreneur. As of 2024, Cole Bennett’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This impressive fortune has been amassed through his successful career, various business ventures, and investments.

Early Life of Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett was born on May 14, 1996, in Plano, Illinois. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in music and visual arts. Bennett attended Round Lake High School, where he began honing his skills in video production and editing. Despite facing some challenges early on, such as financial constraints and limited resources, Bennett’s passion and determination fueled his creative pursuits.


Cole Bennett’s career took off when he founded Lyrical Lemonade, a multimedia company, in 2013. Initially, Lyrical Lemonade started as a blog to promote underground artists, but it quickly gained popularity and expanded into a full-fledged media platform. Bennett’s distinct style and unique approach to music video direction attracted both emerging and established artists.

Personal Life

Cole Bennett

Regarding Cole Bennett’s personal life, he tends to keep a low profile. He prefers to let his work speak for itself, rarely sharing details about his personal relationships or private life. However, it is known that he is dedicated to his craft and consistently strives for excellence in his projects.

Lyrical Lemonade

Lyrical Lemonade has played a significant role in Cole Bennett’s success. The platform has become synonymous with high-quality music videos and has helped launch the careers of numerous artists. Bennett’s creative vision and ability to capture the essence of a song have made Lyrical Lemonade a go-to platform for both artists and fans.

Other Ventures

Apart from Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett has ventured into various other projects. He has directed music videos for mainstream artists such as Eminem, Travis Scott, and Lil Pump. Bennett’s work has gained recognition and acclaim, further solidifying his position in the industry. Additionally, he has collaborated with brands and sponsors, expanding his influence beyond music videos.

How has Cole Bennett spent his wealth?

Cole Bennett has made strategic investments to grow his wealth and expand his ventures. He has invested in real estate, purchasing properties in desirable locations. This not only serves as a solid investment but also provides him with additional sources of income.

Furthermore, Bennett has diversified his revenue streams by launching merchandise associated with Lyrical Lemonade. The brand’s popularity has allowed him to generate substantial profits from merchandise sales, contributing to his overall net worth.

Did Cole Bennett have any crypto investments? If so, what are they?

Yes, Cole Bennett has been involved in the world of cryptocurrency. He has made investments in popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bennett recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies early on and seized the opportunity to diversify his investment portfolio. His involvement in the crypto space has allowed him to capitalize on the growing popularity and value of these digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Cole Bennett become successful as a music video director?

Cole Bennett’s success as a music video director can be attributed to his unique style, innovative approach, and dedication to his craft. He captured the attention of artists and viewers alike with his visually stunning and captivating videos.

Which artists has Cole Bennett worked with?

Cole Bennett has collaborated with numerous artists, both underground and mainstream. Some notable artists he has worked with include Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Chance the Rapper, and Ski Mask the Slump God.

How did Lyrical Lemonade gain popularity?

Lyrical Lemonade gained popularity through its high-quality music videos, consistent releases, and its ability to provide exposure to up-and-coming artists. Bennett’s unique style and commitment to showcasing talented artists played a crucial role in the platform’s success.

What other ventures has Cole Bennett pursued?

In addition to Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett has directed music videos for mainstream artists, collaborated with brands, and launched merchandise associated with his brand. He has also expanded his reach by engaging in other entrepreneurial endeavors.

How has Cole Bennett contributed to the music industry?

Cole Bennett has made significant contributions to the music industry by providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent. His visually striking music videos have set new standards, influencing the way music is visualized and consumed.


Cole Bennett, the talented music video director and entrepreneur, has achieved remarkable success in the music industry. With a net worth of approximately $10 million in 2024, his career trajectory continues to ascend. From humble beginnings, Bennett’s passion for music and visual arts propelled him to establish Lyrical Lemonade, a platform that has become synonymous with high-quality music videos. Additionally, Bennett has diversified his ventures, invested wisely, and made strategic moves to expand his influence and wealth. Through his creative vision and dedication to his craft, Cole Bennett has left an indelible mark on the music industry, paving the way for aspiring artists and directors to follow in his footsteps.

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