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What is Adam Grandmaison’s Net Worth in 2024?

Adam Grandmaison, widely known as Adam22, is a prominent figure in the world of internet culture and entrepreneurship. As the founder of the popular BMX website “The Come Up,” co-founder of the rap collective and label “No Jumper,” and a successful podcast host, Adam Grandmaison has amassed a considerable fortune over the years. In 2024, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Early life of Adam Grandmaison

Adam Grandmaison was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire. Growing up, he developed a passion for extreme sports, particularly BMX biking. This interest eventually led him to create “The Come Up,” a website dedicated to showcasing BMX videos and content. Although his early life remains relatively private, it is evident that his dedication to his passion played a significant role in shaping his future endeavors.


Adam Grandmaison’s career took off with the launch of “The Come Up” in 2006. The website quickly gained popularity within the BMX community and became a go-to platform for BMX enthusiasts worldwide. Leveraging the success of his website, Grandmaison expanded his ventures and co-founded the record label “No Jumper” in 2015. No Jumper has since become a prominent platform for up-and-coming artists, hosting interviews and premiering new music.

Personal life


Adam Grandmaison prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. However, it is known that he is married to Lena The Plug, a fellow internet personality and content creator. The couple has been together for several years and frequently collaborates on various projects.


In addition to his online endeavors, Adam Grandmaison has explored his passion for music. Under the moniker “Adam22,” he has released several tracks and collaborated with various artists. His discography includes songs like “Facts” and “Broke Boy” featuring Yung Pinch, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

How has Adam Grandmaison spent his wealth?

With a net worth of approximately $10 million, Adam Grandmaison has made strategic investments and enjoyed the fruits of his entrepreneurial success. He owns a luxurious house in Los Angeles, California, where he resides with his wife. Additionally, he has invested in various ventures, including real estate and cryptocurrency.

Did Adam Grandmaison have any crypto investments, and if so, what are they?

Yes, Adam Grandmaison has shown an interest in cryptocurrency and has made investments in the digital asset space. He has publicly expressed his support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the specifics of his investments are not disclosed, it is likely that he has diversified his portfolio by investing in different cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Adam Grandmaison become famous?

Adam Grandmaison gained fame through his BMX website, “The Come Up,” and his podcast and record label, “No Jumper.”

What is Adam Grandmaison’s podcast about?

Adam Grandmaison’s podcast, “No Jumper,” features interviews with artists, influencers, and industry professionals from the hip-hop and rap scene.

How did Adam Grandmaison meet his wife, Lena The Plug?

Adam Grandmaison and Lena The Plug met through mutual friends in the online content creation industry.

Is Adam Grandmaison still involved in BMX biking?

While Adam Grandmaison’s focus has shifted towards his podcast and other ventures, he still maintains an interest in BMX biking and occasionally participates in the sport.

What other ventures has Adam Grandmaison pursued apart from BMX and music?

Adam Grandmaison has explored various entrepreneurial ventures, including real estate investments and online merchandise sales.


Adam Grandmaison, also known as Adam22, has established himself as a prominent figure in internet culture and entrepreneurship. With a net worth of $10 million in 2024, he has built a successful career through his BMX website, “The Come Up,” and his podcast and record label, “No Jumper.” While his early life remains relatively private, Grandmaison’s dedication to his passion for extreme sports propelled him to create influential platforms within the BMX and music communities. Additionally, he has made strategic investments and diversified his wealth, including ventures in real estate and cryptocurrency. With his continued success and entrepreneurial spirit, Adam Grandmaison remains an influential figure in the online world.

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